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mini pill while not nursing?

I went to the doctor today to get a prescription for my migraines. On top of putting me on meds she said there was a good chance it was in part a reaction to the hormones in the pill, so she put me on the mini pill. She suggested using that as well as charting... so my question is

1) has anyone else used the mini pill while not nursing? This idea make me nervous. 

2) how do I go about charting? I'll google of course, but first had experience tends to be more accurate.

thanks ladies!

Re: mini pill while not nursing?

  • Regular birth control raises my blood pressure, so I was on the mini pill for a few years before going off it to TTC. I was fine on it and conceived DS 3 months after going off it. The very most important thing about the mini pill is that you take it at the exact same time every single day. I have friends who take their regular birth control pill whenever they get up (so 6:30 Mon-Fri, 10 am on weekends). You can't do that with the mini pill and be safe. I used to set my alarm to take it every day at 7:20 am.

    I think most of the mini pill "oops" babies happen when people are too lax about taking the pill at the same time.

    Re: charting, check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility -- it's all explained there. is a good site that lets you track it. 

    With the combination of mini pill and charting you should be a-ok!

  • thanks, I'll check out that website
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