3rd Trimester

At what point

Will I lose my 2nd trimester energy? I know everyone is different but I've had pretty good energy since I was about 15 weeks! I don't want to give it up!

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    Mine comes and goes. Some days I am going and going but I'll catch myself getting winded. I get out of breath really easy these days and have to take more breaks.
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    Last time, I had a lot of energy throughout my 3rd trimester....it was actually the best trimester for me.
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    With my first, I didn't lose my energy until about 37weeks.  This time, I never really got it back, it just got better between weeks 14 and 31.  Last week it bit the dust again.  Unfortunately my nesting has kicked in and I have this need to do all these things around the house (made a huge list with about a million things on it!) and don't have energy to do any of it :(
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    Over the last few weeks I've been losing some of my newly found energy and getting more sluggish and heavy belly not helping!
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    About 36-37 weeks is when I started hitting the wall. I wouldn't say I got a lot more tired, but I did get more achy and it started running me down.
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