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Baby Shower...WWYD?

So here's the situation, my good friend said that she would throw me a baby shower if the wives' club from my DH's squadron did not offer to throw one. At the last meeting the club president said that they would be having a shower for me at the November meeting, but it would be during the regular meeting. Here's the problem, I have some family in the area, as well as a few friends outside of the club that I would want to be able to invite. However if the shower is being done during a regular meeting I feel as if I can't invite them to it. I also feel that it would be silly to have two showers here, a wives' club one and one for the few friends and local family and would just rather have my good friend throw one that everyone could come to. I am afraid that if I express this to the club president I may come off sounding ungrateful that they were going to throw a shower in the first place. Any suggestions on how to handle this? TIA.
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Re: Baby Shower...WWYD?

  • I would do two showers. I had a shower for family and friends a little while ago and the other day the wives club president told me they would like to have one for me and another woman that is pregnant. It is nice of her to offer and I don't think my family and non-military friends would enjoy having a shower with the wives club. 

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  • I had two.  One was thrown by the ladies at my church.  The other was thrown by one of my friends.  She decided to do it at one of my favorite restaurants here.  She invited my mom, grandma and aunt.  She also invited a few of our mutual friends and a few of my other friends.  I think in all, we had 12 people.  She aksed the restaurant to place us in a corner that was a little secluded.  It was great.  We had a wonderful time.  Maybe you could talk to your friend about something like that.  Everyone paid their own bill, so there was really not much financial burrden on the host.  She insisted on paying for my bill and she brought cupcakes and some balloons. 
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  • If they ask you for a guest list, voice your concerns then. If not, be grateful that you are receiving a shower and hope a friend or family member throws you a second one.
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  • Definitely have 2 separate ones. That's what I did and it worked great. Also it's less stressful for you (you don't have to try to make sure everyone is getting along... lol)

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