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Mom Walked In and Said....


Re: Mom Walked In and Said....

  • imagesasha24mhs:

    This is getting so old.  Hasn't she been banned yet?  Confused


    havent you learned to shut up yet?

    cause your getting old.

    I won't give you the grammar lesson on the whole "your/you're" thing because I know you've gotten it already... but seriously, you should be banned. If you want to cause trouble, go elsewhere. This site is for pregnant women and I don't understand the allure of coming on here just to piss us off. We are actually trying to get through 9 of the most exciting and terrifying months of our lives, and I don't know why you feel the need to bring your BS into it. I've reported you a few times just this morning, and I hope the Bump actually kicks you off. It's so annoying to listen to your little girl drama. And it doesn't take a parent to know when there is bad parenting happening. Why don't you leave us alone and let us get back to our business of being pregnant and talking to other pregnant women who can give us guidance and friendship? When I was 17 (well, really, any age) I never thought it was fun to just try to piss someone off. I think that is a testament to your immaturity level.

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