2nd Trimester

Mom Walked In and Said....

my mom walked into my room and goes:

"what are you doing? talking to jess?"

me : "no pissin off some people on a pregnancy board and it's kinda hilarious actually..wanna see what they said about me, jess, kennedy, franki and maggie? it's kinda hilariouis..they are saying *** about us like we care what they think...it's like really funny mom read this......."

"so you girls pretended to be pregnant just to do this to these ladies..it is funny, and what they are saying is wrong you girls arent bad at all, you all are just bored teenagers and they need to learn that and not get so bitchy about it!"

me: "mom, i like it when they *** cause then i can *** back at them, and they said that you and dad are bad parents cause you let brad stay over all the time"

"well they dont know you or brad or even us for that matter and the fact that they call us bad parents means they aren't parents themselves!"

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