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Ideas for non-crafty hobbies?

ANyone have any good ideas for a hobby that is non-crafty? My sister is a new military wife who has recently shipped off her husband to Iraq. SHe is looking for a hobby that isn't crafty that she could do in the evenings...

I know you ladies can help! TIA!

Re: Ideas for non-crafty hobbies?

  • How about finding/joining a book club?
  • What about an exercise class or club? She could take up rock climbing, join a running group, go to yoga classes, etc. My best friend is a military wife and she spent a lot of time while her husband was deployed working out so she could look as good as her DH when he came back (I guess the soldiers spend a lot of time working out when they are deployed because he looked great when he came home!) She also did some volunteer work on the base - I bet your sister can find some activities through the VA if she's not near a base. 
  • Yoga or exercise classes are always good.
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  • Volunteer work, jigsaw puzzles at night (I'm a dork), geneaology
  • I would get a seasonal mall job if I had that kind of free time.

    other options:

    take an online class in something with no commercial value (world history?  modern poetry?)

    start being one of those people who edits wikipedia entries and enters on-line product reviews.

    learn a language.


    do every day's crossword puzzle. 

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  • I would probably get a fun part-time job... keeps you busy and keeps you from spending money! :)

    Or, I would work out.

    I'd also waste a LOT more time on the Internet. And read more books. And my house would be clean.

    Hmm... suddenly this turned into what I would do with a bunch of free time. Sorry. :)?

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  • Training for a tri-athalon (they have clubs/teams)
  • Reading, blogging, photography

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