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space saver highchairs

did you ladies get these for your twins or the normal size high chairs?

just trying to think of ways to save more space..

at how many months did you put them in high chairs?

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Re: space saver highchairs

  • we don't have a lot of space, but we also need every chair at our diningroom table when my family comes over for dinner - so using 2 of them for the babies wasn't an option... so we have 2 regular high chairs. 

    We also have 2 of these  that are great when we visit other people's homes, or when we travel to use in the hotel.... we sometimes will set them up on the floor in the livingroom for breakfast if we're not in the mood to sit in the diningroom with them.


  • we have the space savers and love them, when we have people over we have some extra folding  upholstered chairs we can use.  We just started using them a week ago when we started giving the boys solids consistently
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  • I just sold my spacesaver on craigslist. imo it was disgusting. there were SO many crevices for food to get stuck. i was constantly taking it apart to clean and finding new spots that food was hidden. bleh.

    i 2nd the healthy care boosters. i have 2 that i keep at my moms. they are so easy to clean and much lighter/smaller than the spacesavers. plus you can take them with for travel or to restaurants if you want.

    at home we have 2 regular fisher price healthy care highchairs. (aquarium themed ones)


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  • We had a space saver for DD and honestly, I hated it for several reasons.

    I thought the big pro was going to be saving so much space, but it really didn't.

    Anytime we wanted to entertain or have someone else at the table, we either have to remove her seat or bring up the extra chairs from storage. Not a big pain, but a pain since we always have a ton of people over during football/basketball season.

    Food was everywhere. I "thought" that it would all be contained within the fabric cushions on the space saver. Well, when I took it off to clean, there was TONS of food underneath the actual space saver. It was nasty. We had to place a kitchen towel between the space saver and the kitchen chair so it wouldn't destroy the finish. I think this issue may be due to the fact I was a first time mom and had no clue this could happen.

    Since the space saver was placed onto a regular chair, we couldn't push the seat underneath the table due to the arms on the space saver. So, the chair to the table stuck out - not saving space.

    I think I threw away the space saver and moved her into a booster seat around 13 months. I was just tired of dealing with it. Then I removed the booster at 2 years. However, with a booster, I could at least push the chair underneath the table and it wasn't as near as messy as the space saver was.

    For the twins, I will probably begin feeding in the bumbo and then move them to the FP booster that the PP posted above.


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  • FP Space Savers - they're great.  Started at maybe 7mos. 
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  • So far no complaints, although, I haven't taken it apart to clean it.  Maybe I should, but boys are only on purees, and wear most of it vs. getting it over the chair.  The boys are pretty comfortable/content in them.  We don't do a lot of entertaining, so using up 2 chair at the kitchen table is not a big deal for us.  We just started using them at 5 months.
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  • We have the spacesavers.  What I like about them:  you don' thave the legs sticking out at the bottom like a full high chair, it's the same as your regular chairs, I can push it under my table (height is adjustable), they recline so the first solid feedings they aren't so upright (we also still use the recline when they get medication, it helps keep their head back when they are fighting you), when there is a huge mess (vomit all over it) I can take it off the chair and put it in the laundry tub or bathtub and scrub the hell out of it. 

    What I don't like: there is a ton of crevices, I find food all in them.  I finally took off both covers and they just sit in the plastic now which has cut down on the food hiding. 

    I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.  They were way cheaper than a regular high chair.  I got them for $35 on Black Friday at BRU/TRU.  They had them on sale last year too so I think it's something they put on sale every black friday so if you can wait until then you can get a good deal.  I didn't put them in the high chairs until 5 months when we started solids. 

  • my 1st ds had one and food does get stuck in the crevices and its super hard to get out...he now has a fisher price booster that we love...for twins i will use bouncers when they start solids and then switch them to boosters...HTH
  • I actually use them now (at 2 months old) in the recline position so that I can bottle feed them both at the same time. 
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  • After having used both the space-saver and FP booster with DS, I think the FP booster is best and plan on using that from the beginning with the twins.  FP booster is SO EASY to clean!!  Makes life much much easier.

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  • We have regular sized high chairs (FP rainforest) and they've been fine.  Like many of the PP, I love our FP boosters!  If I could somehow figure out how to only have used them, I might have.  They are great for travel, going over to a friends, etc. and are easy to clean.  Not to mention only about $20/piece!   The other great thing is that one DD started throwing a fit in her high chair, but is perfectly happy sitting in her booster (with the tray). 
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  • We have 2 regular high chairs (Chicco Polly) and 2 travelling ones that hook onto a table (also by Chicco).  The traveling ones are great for Grandma's house and they collapse for storage in a bag so they take up very little space when not in use.  I think we started using the regular highchairs around 5 months and the travelling ones we started using at 6-6 1/2 months.
  • We use the space saver high chair for our 17 month old and have been since he was 4 months old. It does get nasty but the nice thing about these is we just pop the top rack out of the dishwasher and put the highchair in there and wash it. Easy-peasy. Comes out looking new, just make sure you turn the heated dry off. My DH forgot to once and it melted part of the strap. Whoops. We've washed our cover so many times and it's faded a little but not much. It's still in really good shape. We'll be getting them for our twins because we definitely don't have room for full-sized or even smaller stand alone highchairs.
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  • The space savers are the best.  We starting using ours when the girls were about 3 1/2 mts.  Since they recline it helps when bottle feeding both babies and it easy to move from room to room.  The babies can sleep in them, I think they are great. 
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