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Talked to my OB today (mostly good news)

So for those of you who don't know I have this genetic disorder called Glycogen Storage disease, where I get hypoglycemic, and can't convert glycogen into usable glucose.   

Anyway, My OB called me today, told me he got the letter from my specialist (in Florida) on how to handle my delivery as far as my blood sugars are concerned, etc. and he said that he would like me to go see a colleuge from the High Risk office.  He talked to him about my case, and they thought they could work together for my delivery.  The high risk doctor would monitor my sugars and my regular OB could deliver Hailey.

I am glad that they are taking my condition seriously and I will have two doctors during deliver, but he told me today that I have to deliver at a different hospital than I originally wanted, to but  at least I know I will be taken care of.

My OB said that the High Risk OB said that I would be an "interesting" case.  I hate that, it is like I am an experiment, and it is sad that I have heard that alot of my life, because my condition is so rare.

Oh well! 

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Re: Talked to my OB today (mostly good news)

  • Wow that is a lot to have to deal with but I am glad that they are treating you with good care and concern!!
  • That is really good that they are taking your condition seriously. But I agree that I wouldn't really like being called an 'interesting case'. It's one thing for the doctor to say it to the other doctor, but that doctor probably shouldn't have told you. Like you said though, 'oh well'. 
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  • "Interesting case" isn't what I'd want to hear either, but it sounds like you'll have a great doctor team to help provide for you.
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  • Sorry that you get to be the experiment but it sounds like you and Hailey will be well taken care of.
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  • I'm sure it's good to have a plan.  That's good news.
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