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how early can they strip your membranes??

yall might think im crazy but im really on a time crunch to have this baby, you may know already but my husband is in iraq and will be here either frida or saturday  for 2 weeks then has to go back until december, im already scheduled to be induced on either the 13 or 14 (havent made up my mind on teh date..i have until next appt which is tuesday) i will be 38 weeks and a day when i go to my next appt, im already 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, im really really trying not to get induced so i was hoping that stripping the membranes would help....is that way to early to get them stripped or what?

Re: how early can they strip your membranes??

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    Your doctor might have a certain time when they are ok with stripping your membranes.  Mine wasn't ok until I was past 40 weeks.
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    You need to ask your doctor.  I know my former practice wouldn't do anything like that until 40 wks.
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    I want to say that my OB stripped mine at 38 weeks, but I still didn't start labor until 40 weeks. It doesn't hurt to ask them though..I don't think it works anyway unless your body is ready to start labor, so there's probably not much harm in it.
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    Some will not strip if you are GBS positive - not sure if you've had the test yet.  I hope your DH gets to be here, best wishes!
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    With DS I was stripped at about 38 weeks. Even with stripping, you wont go into labor unless your body is ready. I was stripped on Thurs and had DS on Mon, 11 days before his EDD.
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    If you're already scheduled for an induction, I don't see why they wouldn't try to strip your membranes before then.

    Just a word of caution though, don't get your hopes up too too much incase they aren't able to do it. I asked to be stripped a few days before my due date... but I was 1 cm and she couldn't get her finger in there.

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