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Best price Summer Infant Best View Monitor??

I've decided on the this video monitor and am looking forward to using it... I can't wait to try it out with my 2 year old!  Has anyone had any luck finding it on sale anywhere or using a coupon.  I noticed that BRU did not have it on their website.  Thanks!

Re: Best price Summer Infant Best View Monitor??

  • If you are not registered yet on, I suggest that route.    This is how I bought my video monitor.  Since price match, look on other website for the cheapest one you can find and then call after  you register.   They will immediately price match the item in your cart.  As a first time customer, you will also get a code for additional 15% off of your whole purchase.


    At the time, I was lucky that Amazon was selling the Summer Infants Best View monitor for 155 dollars.   I had it price matched on and total end price was 132 dollars (includes free shipping and tax free). (my time, they only offered 10 percents for new customer instead of 15%) Since I am located in CA,  I was not charged taxes nor shipping and that made it even cheaper.  I think most states are tax free but not all. 


    Good luck.


  • THanks so much!!!  My mother in law is ordering it for us and I know she's not a customer!!!!  Great news!!!
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