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Lollipops on the plane

I thought it was fine since we're right there with them. 

Did you buy little ones - I got Dum Dums which are small (DH now has me worried about choking since they're so small), or the big ones?

Are my girls too young for a lollipop?

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Re: Lollipops on the plane

  • I, personally, wouldn't give my DS a lollipop.  But if I hypethetically were to give them one I would give....a bigger one I think.  Dum Dums can easily come off the stick.  That's how I used to eat them, put them off the stick and suck them like a peppermint.
  • We give DD dum dums on the plane. I suppose it's true that the pop could come off the stick, but it hasn't happened to us. Plus, you'll be right there watching them and you can take it away if it gets loose.
  • I wouldn't give DD a lollipop yet... she wouldn't be able to chew any pieces that might break off (and I'd be afraid the whole thing would come off of the stick). I have heard that dum dums are a choking hazard, so if you do get them, you should probably go with bigger ones.
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  • We've given dd dum-dums on a plane.  She did fine with it.  There was once when it slid off the stick, so if you go with those make sure you're keeping a really close eye on them.

  • I have given Tootsie pops and he did well with them. no small bits came off

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  • Thanks - I'll get some bigger lollipops.  The whole point is to make the trip easier... worrying about choking to that degree will not help.


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  • Just beware of the major stickiness factor! There will be lollipop drool everywhere!! 
  • Oh, I know it!!  Whatever kills 5hrs - sticky drool is worth it ;)
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  • We have flown 5x in the past two months.  Dumdums were a lifesaver.  It helped him swallow to clear his ears. Love love love them!

     I have never, and nor has my friend (a nanny) had one slip off the stick, but I would never give my son one without me right in front of him.


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