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hello! well thank you so much for asking how im doing. its really appreciated. and yes i am feeling a smidge bit better. day by day, i feel a teeny weeny bit better. like yesterday, i vacuumed the living room which is pretty small, but i started hurting after that so off to my recliner i went. but today, i took a hot bath first thing in the morning and i was able to empty and load the dishwasher, do all the dishes after breakfast, and a bit of laundry. maybe the bath helped.

i am still waiting for my appt on the 9th to talk to my dr about everything and hopefully she can give me an idea about whats going to happen with my c-section this time around. a friend of mine just told me that her sister had adhesions (spelling??) ..... anyway, she said that her sister had them too, which my "thinks" that is what is going on with me. but friend's sister had them removed or cleaned out or something during a 2nd c-section and has been fine for her 3rd pregnancy.

so i have a good outlook at the moment and i hope to not have to be put on bed rest at anytime because i cant move without being in agony. hehe

and again, thanks for your concern!

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Re: **LovingBaz**

  • I hadn't seen you in a bit, either wasn't around or missed posts or something.  Anyway, I knew you weren't doing great and wanted to check in.  I totally know how you feel about having to do a little at a time, my back is in bad shape and I can vacuum and rest and dishes and rest.

    I also hope I don't get stuck on bed rest, I think I will go nuts, but on the plus side I would totally have an excuse to eat cookies in bed and watch girlie movies.

     Please update after your docs appt.

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  • it would be great to just lay in bad eating cookies. i just yesterday broke down and bought a thing of cookies. i had been doing we well on my eating and to this day, i have only gained 7 pounds, mind you, i started overweight so it works for me. but i just HAD to buy them yesterday. mmmmmm i think i have eaten like 3 so far. yay for cookies!!


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  • Glad you're feeling a little better :)
  • image4boys?ohmy:
    Glad you're feeling a little better :)

    thank you so much!! i have also noticed that it hurts EXTRA bad when i have to pee.... hehe or when LO kicks me there.

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