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Prometrium question

Any ideas, good or bad about this? Any good or bad experiences with this?
I'm looking online but everything says don't take it pregnant...doesn't that defeat the purpose of why I was just prescribed it?? :)



Re: Prometrium question

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    J+MSJ+MS member

    May I ask why your doctor prescribed it?

    It's category B, which means its safe.

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    Im pretty sure this is a fertility med or used with patients with multiple early losses. You may want to check in 1st Tri or TTTC--maybe more luck there.
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    I was prescribed it because my progesterone is only at 5.3. And, I came here hoping to hear successful, "I took it and am still pregnant" stories :) I did post on the 1st tri wall too. Thanks though :)
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    My doctor prescribed Prometrium after a bleeding scare and threatened miscarriage at 7 weeks.  I took it until 12 weeks.  It made my morning sickness worse, but I'm still pregnant with a healthy baby.  When my doctor prescribed it, she said it hasn't been proven to work, but it was worth trying.  Good luck!
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    I took prometrium from weeks 5-14.  My HCG was doubling as it should but my progesterone levels were lowering which isn't supposed to happen.  My mom and sister were both unable to carry to term without progesterone so my OB felt it was a wise intervention to try it vs. risk miscarriage.

    I am 26 weeks pregnant if that helps.  There are a ton of women on here who took it also and are still pregnant as well. 

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    I took it and I am still pregnant. :) 
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    It is a progesterone supplement and is safe for you. Like many of the pp, I took it from 5 days after insemination until around week 12 in order to ensure that my progesterone levels remained high enough to support the pregnancy.  I am almost 30 weeks and doing great! If it is a suppository, it will cause lots of discharge so invest in some pantyliners but other than that I didn't have any side effects.  

    After around the 12 week mark, the cyst that supports pregnancy will take over the progesterone production along with the placenta and you should be good to go! Lots of successful pregnancies come from taking it early on! 

    Good luck!! 

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