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Doctor BOTB diagnose me...

Sunday night I had a pain in my ab area. It was tender to the touch below my boobs but above my belly button. I had never felt something like this before but it wasn't by any means unbearable..just annoying.

I thought maybe I was hungry bc it sort of feels like an empty stomach feeling, so I ate something but it didn't go away. It felt like I had to burp but couldn't. Then all of a sudden I was able to and I immediately felt  nauseous beyond belief. I thought I was going to puke but just ended up dry heaving...drank some milk and went to bed.

I woke up feeling better but still had that pain in between my ab area. I chalked it up to being sore from the day before. Today, its back. A more mild pain but I feel so incredibly gassy. Do you think its gas? I can't think of anything else it could be but I also don't know how to adjust my diet to check. What are non-gassy foods that I should be eating? 

Broccoli probably wasn't a good idea tonight....

Re: Doctor BOTB diagnose me...

  • Ouch. It sounds really uncomfortable.  I *think* I know what feeling you're talking about ... sort of like you swallowed a big air bubble and it got stuck half way down.  Maybe try drinking something carbonated?

    I'd say if it makes you dry heave again, you might want to get it checked out. 

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