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TCM a success?

So I have an appointment at a well known fertility hospital in the city next week. At the same time, I've been seeing a Korean TCM Dr. My first appointment was an evaluation. I went in on Monday and did the moxa (moxibustion) he recommended. He also Rx a tea blend which was delivered last night. The moxa went well. I hopeful with this treatment as well as faithful. AF came this morning after 56 days. I didn't expect it yet considering last time I went 65 days. And I've noticed a difference in this menstrual cycle. I haven't had the horrible cramps (yet) that usually come with the first sign of AF.  I will start tea today.

 There's so many alternatives out there to get the end result I'm wanting that are worth exploring. Here's to hoping!

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  • Good luck!  I hope it works for you
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  • Yay!!  I love TCM and having been doing it for my cycles as well. 
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  • Best of luck to you.  I am a firm believer in mixing Eastern and Western medicines.  It's great that the moxa seems to be helping already.
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