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Flu shot season!!

Hey everyone, not sure if this has been mentioned or not yet....but most pharmacies are beginning to offer flu shots starting tomorrow. Remember if you think you are pregnant, to get it through your OB and not from Cvs, Walgreens, Target, etc. The ones the chain stores have contain Thimerosal. Some of these stores can order the mercury-free vaccine..but it's probably just better to get it from your doc.

I work at Target, and almost got mine today without even thinking about it!

Re: Flu shot season!!

  • Thanks for the reminder.  I'm a teacher, so I for sure need to take care of this ASAP!
  • Yep! I was harassed by the pharamcist when I picked up my meds today at Walgreen's. They have a quota for how many flu shots they have to give this year, so I'm sure they will ask every time I'm in there!
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  • Being from England where Flu shots are only given by doctors to people over 65, those with immune system issues and those who work with the sick or elderly, it seems so weird to me that anyone can get a flu shot in a supermarket and of course you have to pay for it, in England its free.  Don't get me wrong, I'm no doctor and each to their own. Wishing you all a flu-free season :)
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  • I thought they took that *** out of the vaccinations? Even more reason for me to not get one lol.
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  • Wow that's early! I don't think our flu shots come out unti sometime in October. I also find it odd that you can walk in and get one in a pharmacy. Ours are free in Canada but we have to go to a flu shot clinic or doctors office to get them..
  • My Dr. said it's fine to get the regular one during AF's visit.

    Otherwise - try to abstain if at all possible.

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