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Worn out....le sigh. NTTGPR...

So. I have mentioned this in posts a couple of times before but my DH and I have/had a retail business that had been doing a giant swan dive to failure for about 2 years. Today was our final day of business, and when I locked the door behind me I didn't even know what to feel-sadness, disappointment, and relief, mostly. I had kept way too many plates spinning for too long. My MIL is helping us out with the massive amount of debt that we incurred with this thing, so it is the best possible ending to a totally crap-tacular situation

 Tomorrow starts my fall semester of my grad school program, and last night was our first real TTC "try" (at least the first time charting, etc.) So it really feels like one door is closing and we are stepping into a totally new phase of life.

Still, it's hard to dismantle something DH and I created together, from scratch. I am reacting (somewhat immaturely, I admit) by taking all the nice jewelry we had left and taking myself out to dinner on our business debit card. DH is working late-ish tonight, but when he gets home in a bit I am having two big old glasses of wine. 

Re: Worn out....le sigh. NTTGPR...

  • Sorry to hear that things have been so rough but like you said it is great that one door is closing and another door is opening. Good luck!
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  • I am so sorry about the business. I hope this new adventure helps lift your spirits. Have fun tonight :)
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  • You are right, one door closing and another opening.  (hugs)  good luck!
  • So sorry the business didn't work out. My husband has a business and works long hours during parts of the year (his business is pretty cyclical). But on the upside, hopefully you'll both have more time for each other and for a baby? GL on baby-making and *hugs* for the bad day. I hope tomorrow is a better one!
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