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clothing sizing: WWYD?

DD is on the "tall and thin" side, and she's mostly torso (short legs, like me).  She's been wearing 18 month clothing since the spring, and it still fits her ok.  In Gap she wears 18-24 months, and it also still fits her ok.  Last night I bought her a bunch of fall/winter stuff at Target (Genuine Kids) in 24 months.  A bought a few things in 2T.  Today I had her try a few things on, and they are HUGE!  Especially the pants.  I can't imagine that she'll be in 18 month stuff for much longer, but I dunno?  Should I return the stuff and buy in 18 months, or just hope that she has a growth spurt soon?  WWYD?
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Re: clothing sizing: WWYD?

  • I had the same issue when I bought some fall and winter stuff for ds.  He is short and on the small side, so he wears mostly 12 months, and a few things in 18 months.  I bought most of his clothes a size bigger, because I figured, in Indiana, it can be cooler until the beginning of April, and he should be in 18 months by then. 
  • DD is also tall and skinny with a long torso.  She wore 24 month/2T shirts all summer (she wore 18 month shirts all winter and spring and by the time we switched to short sleeves in May her shirts were all too short in length and in the sleeve).  She still has plenty of room in them, so I'm buying 2T for fall/winter.  BUT, she wore 12 month shorts for most of the summer and just recently moved into 18 month shorts.  So I bought 18 month jeans for fall/winter.  They are still big on her, but they have an adjustable waist.
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  • I honestly would probably just keep them.  My thing is I don't mind the clothes being a little to big because I know they will fit longer.  Like when DD turned a year back in november I bought all 18 month clothes and she can still wear some of them if it weren't for the fact that they are the wrong season.  Also maybe you could shrink them just a little bit.  I am buying her fall clothes in 3T and some of them are pretty baggy but I would rather that then them be too small especially in the winter.  Besides from my experience all baby clothes brands run differently, DD currently has summer clothes ranging from a size 24 month all the way up to a 5T and they all fit her the same.

  • You can always roll up the pants and sleeves and then these clothes will fit her all through winter. I always tend to buy bigger that way they fit longer. I bought DD a snow suit on clearance last year in size 3T. I know it will be huge on her at the beginning of winter but we live in MN. By the time winter is finally over it will probably be to small!
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