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Dairy Free Diet for Reflux, Help!

I'm attempting to go on a dairy free diet to see if that helps my little one's reflux.  I know that I'm also supposed to cut out tomatoes, alcohol and citrus fruits.  Any tips on what to eat, how to best make this diet work, and other foods I should be avoiding would be most helpful.  I have to admit, I'm not real thrilled with the idea of this diet, so any comments on foods I can still keep in my diet would be most appreciated.  

She's worth it, but I cut out caffeine and alcohol for nine months of my pregnancy, and I was really looking forward to enjoying these things after my pregnancy.  Now to have to go another year without, not to mention cutting out chocolate (my favorite food), makes me want to cry!  

Re: Dairy Free Diet for Reflux, Help!

  • I would do one food at a time... cut it out for a few weeks and reintroduce it to see if there's a change in your baby. You don't want to entirely cut out dairy unless there's a true problem. If there is, then soy is usually a problem as well. Try almond milk as a substitute. It's actually pretty good.


    Check out www.kellymom.com for more info on diet during breastfeeding.

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  • I had cut out all acidic foods first and I would suggest you do that first. It didn't work for us but ds has a milk protein intolerance...I eat no dairy or soy but everything else is fair game (including the acidic ones) and he does great and as a bonus, I feel healthier too I would either do one thing at a time or all out elimination diet and add stuff back slowly otherwise you won't know what is helping. If you give up dairy, don't replace with soy as a.lot of babies with dairy issues also have soy. I love almond or rice milk and coconut milk yogurt and ice cream are great.
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  • I have GREAT news for you- you don't have to give up chocolate.  I like the rice dream ice creams. It's made with rice milk.  My local grocery store carries it.  Plus, oreo cookies are dairy free.  Yep, that creamy filling is not cream! One brand of brownies is dairy free.  I think it's dunkin hines (but check the label to be sure).  I also use the rice milk as a substitute for milk in recipes.  Like pancakes, I buy the box of mix that you have to add everything to (eggs, oil, milk). By adding the rice milk- it's dairy free.  and no one ever would know.  tastes exactly the same.  I use smart balance as a substitute for butter/marg.  McDonald's French fries have dairy in them, so not dairy-free.  I've learned a lot of crazy things since having to go on df diet.  Best of luck.  
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