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My crazy puppy!!

Just chewed our back porch mat into pieces! Sheesh, all the craziness she puts me through!  I guess she is just preparing me for true motherhood. Although I hope that I don't have a child that chews on doormats. Wink

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Re: My crazy puppy!!

  • I hated the puppy stage. It's exhausting. A trial run I would say.
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  • Ha!  Poor puppy.  My kid has yet to chew on a door mat but I have caught her a few times chewing on my shoes (eww, gross).  And once she shiit on the floor when she took her diaper off.  

    So yes, there are many similarities! 

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  • My friend's 1 year old ALWAYS has one of the dog's toys in her mouth, including rawhide chews.  My friend is a good mom, she tries to pick up after the dog, but it's like her daughter KNOWS she's not supposed to have them and she deliberately goes AFTER the dog's things to make her poor mom crazy!!! LOL.
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  • How old is your puppy? My 2 dachshunds just turned 2 and have almost out grown the chewing stage. They have had a bed for 6 months without destroying it which is huge! Anything stuffed used to get destroyed in minutes. I say almost out grew because Duchess destroyed a pair of black pumps this Sunday. Argh, it was my fault I left them out but I was so mad!
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  • sigh.. puppies.  we have a 6 month old Flat Coated Retriever, a 4 year old Siberian Husky (who thinks he is 6 months old), and a GSD/chow mix.. i don't think we will ever get out of the "puppy phase"
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  • Lol, I know how frustrating it can be. Between my own dogs being pups, and all the foster dogs I have had, I've learned how amazing crates and frozen soup bones are.
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