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1st Glucose Test

hey everyone!

i'm going for my first, and hopefully only, glucose test tomorrow morning.  Is that drink really God awful or is it manageable?  i like juices and soda, but try to stay away from them as much as possible.  Can it be compared to anything out on the shelves?  i was told by one person it's similar to flat orange soda.

help me get my mind of the idea of getting sick before i even get there!  lol


Re: 1st Glucose Test

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    I had my glucose test last week.  They gave me an orange drink to bring home and have an hour before I arrived at my appointment.  I was dreading it, but it wasn't completely horrible.  It's kind of like really flat orange soda with extra sugar thrown in.  Don't drink it too fast and you should be fine.  Also, I refrigerated mine.  I think it helped. 
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    Flat orange soda is a pretty good comparison.  Its a little thicker though, maybe more like flat sunny d.  Do you have it with you?  I would advise having it as cold as possible and drinking it through a straw to get it down quick and keep it from coating your tongue.  But no, it really isnt that bad.  Some make it out to be a lot worse than it really is.
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    I really don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be, and this is coming from someone that STILL has m/s.  At my doc, it's like a Sprite.  A very watered down sweet Sprite.  And it's thicker than soda. 
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    It's not that bad. Mine was the orange flavor. It tasted like the orange "punch" they have at McDonalds.

    The worst part of the whole thing was not being able to eat until it's all over. 

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    Mine tasted like flat Sprite.  I had no problem drinking it and felt no different afterwards.  Seems like for most people, the anticipation is WAY worse than the real thing.
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    thank you all so much!  i'm a total loser baby when it comes to throwing up and i didn't want one lousy drink to get me going...lol.  i appreciate all the answers!
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    For my 1-hour, they gave me orange to take home & drink 1 hour before the appointment. I had to keep it cold & couldn't eat or drink anything once I drank it. It tastes like a cross between sweet, flat, orange Fanta & orange Hawaiian punch.

    For my 3-hour, they gave me lemon-lime at the hospital. It was not cold at all...straight out of the cabinet. It was basically super sweet Sprite.

    Either way, both of them I just downed without taking a breath so I wouldn't taste it too much. It's not as bad as people make it out to be. Just don't sip it & you should be fine. GL.

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    I absolutely LOVE it, I'm weird.  But when you've had back to back pg w/ GD and know it's gonna be a long time before you can have sugar again.......bring it on!
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    Make it VERY cold if you can.  My OB's office gives it to you ahead of time (to drink on the way - you just have to be there within 15 minutes of when you need your blood drawn) so I put it in the fridge - then the freezer about 15 minutes before I drink it.

    Also, if you can't stand orange, ask if they have other flavors.  My office only does the flat orange stuff (which I honestly don't like).  But my friends have had fruit punch and even coca cola flavored drinks.  Some are even carbonated (which honestly would have made the orange easier for me). 

    It is really fine.  It isn't yummy or something I would want to drink more than I have to, but it is a small drink and it is over quickly.

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