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28 weeks - tiredness?

I'm 28 weeks and have noticed that I'm getting very tired lately.  It started last week and has just gotten worse.  I get a heavy exhaustion that takes over every now and then.  Right now, it's bad!

Has anyone else had this?  I didn't have tiredness like this during my first trimester and was hoping that I wouldn't have to deal with it at all.  Apparently, I'm not that lucky! 

Re: 28 weeks - tiredness?

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    This sounds like me exactly! Ugh, not fun at all.  I have also been blessed with wonderful headaches as well!  

     I just try and remember that it will all be worth it in just a few more weeks.  We can do it! Big Smile

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    My exhaustion comes and goes lately...it doens't help that I'm chasing my 2.5 year old all day...some days I really wish I could just sit...
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    Unfortunately, the 2nd tri energy goes away. Try and rest as much as possible and take it easy.

    My birth class instructor said to take a nap every day. I wish I could do that, but any day I take a nap is awesome!

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    The exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks at exactly 27 weeks with this pregnancy. I'm "slowing down", if you will. Unfortunately, it's all down hill from here. : )

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    I've had a lot of tiredness latey. I usually nap everyday now with DS because I am soooo tired.
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    I thought I was alone.  I have been extremely tired.  Our house is a mess because I don't have the energy to clean up.  Have you talked with your Dr. regarding your iron level?  My Dr. called me a few days ago & told me that my iron tested low.  So I'm taking iron supplements in addition to my prenatal vitamins.  She said it she help me not feel so tired, but will take about a week or so before the supplements kick in.
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