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Daycare ?...

My DS starts daycare tomorrow and I don't have anything to put all his stuff in like a tote bag, etc. What do you use and where did you get it? I'm trying to pick something up tonight.

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  • when my LO was in daycare they gave us one of those canvas like shopping bags you use at the food store, and they wrote his name on it. They would just dump all his used stuff into it during the day.

  • I ended up getting a lunch box that I could put DD bottles, containers of food in. As for clothes, diapers, cream, etc. I just took that stuff the first day in a plastic bag. At daycare they have a plastic bin that it sits in.



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  • After the initial drop-off of things, I just have to take dirty laundry home and bring in more diapers. I second the reuseable shopping bag tho for back and forth - we have one form him and we use it all the time! It's nice to just stick in the car and stick everything in it to get it in the house or bring in to daycare...
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  • I use a canvas grocery bag plus I have a wet bag for dirty diapers and a Dr. Browns insulated bag for bottles/purees

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