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I feel like the Doodle is already being neglected :(

I work from home, for the most part, so Scout is used to me taking her on several nice walks a day, playing "chase the duck" whenever she wants, etc.

The last week or so, it's all I can do to go sit outside while she runs around in the yard. And even then, the heat makes me more sick, so I don't last long.

She just seems sort of sad right now, and spends all her time sleeping next to me. I feel like a bad furmama, and we have such a long way to go. Not to mention the whole "then we'll have a baby" thing.

I don't know, I think I'm just hormonal and feeling guilty. I had to run to the bathroom for a gag-fest the other night, and she just laid outside the door whimpering. She's so confused right now...

Re: I feel like the Doodle is already being neglected :(

  • Ahhh it sounds like Scout is catching on that something is different and big and exciting with mommy (that being good). I know it's really hard right now (I was pregnant with a puppy about Scout's age before), but things got better. Give yourself and 1st tri some time. ::hugs::
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  • I know how you feel.  Even though we just got Nook home with us...I was taking him for 2 walks a day...both about a 1/2 mile.  Now it takes all my energy to get up in the morning and just go down the block with him.  He needs his exercise and I am not home all day.  I feel so badly but I am just dragging...and then I come home and want to nap.  He totally seems sad.  It sucks!
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  • Maybe she feels bad because she senses you are sick. My dog used to lay next to me on the bathroom floor while I had my head in the toilet. I had terrible m/s in 1st tri and then felt great in 2nd tri. I hope it is the same for you so you can feel better and play with her again.
  •  I know how you feel. I haven't been up to our usual walks either.  Do you have a dog park near by? You could bring a chair and let her run wild with the other dogs, might cheer her up a bit. 
  • It's hard on both of you, I'm sure. Just think ahead, though, to what fun Scooter and baby will have after baby's grown up a bit! (My dog LOVED DS, after being initially traumatized and even throwing up in the middle of the night our first night home from the hospital!)
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  • I agree that she knows you don't feel good. She knows how you're feeling BECAUSE you're such a good furmom.

    Scout will get used to it. Corn takes his new job as "Hannah guard" very seriously. He follows her wherever we go. When we're changing diapers, he sits in the doorway and keeps a lookout. He sleeps by us when we're on the couch, and marches along dutifully by the stroller.

    PLUS - just think how much fun Corn and Scout will have when they have food-dropping toddlers to chase around Smile

    Being pregnant and having a newborn is hard work - Scout understands, and she'll be that much more excited when she gets to the part that's fun for her too Smile 


  • Aw, don't feel bad.  You have to take care of yourself first mama.  Just think of the great fun Scout will have with baby B!
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  • During my first trimester when I was in bed all the time, Gus would come snuggle with me and he's not a big snuggler.

    Then when I would be sick in the bathroom, he check on me and go wake up my husband to come help me.

    Now he's very protective of me at the dog park.  If another dog comes near me for pets, he forces his way between us.  It's actually pretty adorable. 

    Although, I have to admit that I'm scared about when the baby comes home.  When we brought Walter (our younger Golden home) Gus wouldn't look at us or give us kisses for weeks.  He was fine with Wally, just pissed at us!



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  • Listen to me:

    The Dood(le) abides.

    It's all good.  Different, yes, but good. 

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