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PIP My little monkey sleeping with his monkey

He normally doesn't cuddle with his stuffed animals, so it was so cute when he did.


Re: PIP My little monkey sleeping with his monkey

  • Awwwww :D

    Ridiculously adorable. 

    Contemplating the snow.
    Mes Petit Choux
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  • Super cute, and your pictures are great!
  • Sooo cute! I love when they do this!
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  • Oh my goodness....ADORABLE!

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  • So cute!
    31 months!
  • Awww :) Totally adorable!! And I wanted to buy DS this monkey too, but he wanted nothing to do with it :(
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  • Adorable! 

    My little monkey cuddles with his monkey, too, every night :) 

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    DD 2 years old
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  • Aw that's priceless and adorable.
  • omg... I love this!  Adorable!
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