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Nipple shields

I am a first time mom and breastfeeding. My daughter will only nurse with a nipple shield and she is three weeks old. Any one else ever have to do this?
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Re: Nipple shields

  • Yep!  And we nursed almost exclusively with a nipple shield until he weaned from it at 4 months - so there's hope!  He ate a few times here and there without the shield (if we happened to forget it, it was in the other room and he had to nurse NOW, etc.) but otherwise we went from the shield all the time, every time, to never again.  Just keep slowly trying to wean her from it.  I had no problem waiting that long because I didn't find it that much of a hassle to use it.  You can always start her with the shield and then pull her off, remove the shield, and try to latch her right back on.  Good luck - worse things could happen!
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  • Yes!  We have had to use a shield from birth for a small mouth that led to difficulty latching.  I was anxious about it at first because I was initially told to wean her from it ASAP, but have since gotten other information and have been encouraged to use it until she can latch successfully.  She is getting enough milk, and it's not such a pain to use.  I had actually started to wean her after six weeks and was feeding without it during the day but knew the latches weren't great (pretty shallow because I felt pinching).  I consulted a lactation consultant who told me to just put the shield back on until she can latch more deeply.  She's now eight weeks and still feeding from it and I'm no longer so worried.    I had no idea how many people also had to use nipple shields until I started talking about my experience- it's way more common than I realized!
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  • Thanks girls, you have been very helpful.
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