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Acne Attack! :( (VENT)

Ugh! I feel like I'm 14 all over again. Strange thing is...I barely ever broke out this bad when I was 14.(assuming its just my hormones trying to get regular but come on already - I've been off BC since 12/09) 

I'm going to be 31 for crying out loud. Angry I need a quick fix for my skin (if there is such a thing) ...anyone have any suggestions on what is best to buy from the local drug store for this crazy acne? Saw the Nutrogena Wave...anyone try that? Sorry to vent - its just driving me nuts.

Re: Acne Attack! :( (VENT)

  • If it gets really bad I would use Proactiv. It's as good as they say it is.
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  • As crazy as it sounds, I've used hand sanitizer on pimples before...stings like crazy but dries em up quick.  Don't know how rough it'll be on your skin though.
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  • I have had bad breakouts since I went off the pill early January.  I have tried different stuff-it works awhile then quits working.  I might try proactive-although I might be a little old for it.
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  • It's probably not at the local drug store, but I love Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment Acne Treatment for treating pimples. I have the same problem you have (I rarely had breakouts even as a teenager.) This stuff takes away the redness right away and it has sulfur to treat the pimple.

    As far as long term skin care goes, I have tea tree face wash from Trader Joe's that has helped me to not break out as much. The brand is Desert Essence.

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  • Thanks so much ladies! :)
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