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Had to share an app on my phone (NTTGPR)

I was searching through my phone, I have a palm pre, and I came accross this app called "Time Until Clean."  Well, the description says you can put in the date you last used various drugs and it will tell you how long until your urine will test clean. Indifferent    So glad Verizon is willing to help people keep their jobs.   :::headdesk::: 

Re: Had to share an app on my phone (NTTGPR)

  • Oh my that sure is rediculous...


  • All I can say is, WOW
    11/05/10 - Found out I had PCOS 11/08/10- Started Provera to get AF 11/20/10 - AF!! 11/24/10 - Start 50 mg Clomid Received blood work back to determine no ovulation occurred :( 12/20/10 - Met with RE 12/21/10 - Started Metformin 03/10/11 - Started Clomid 50 mg Still no ovulation 4/20/11- Started another round of 50 mg Clomid No Sign of Ovulation 5/20/11- Last round of 50 mg Clomid No signs of ovulation 6/20/11 - Dieted and lost 20 pounds and decided to take a mental break from the baby making. Contacted a new RE 9/21/11 - Started First Round of 100 mg Clomid 10/3/11 - Ultra Sound showed Clomid worked! Received trigger shot 10/4/11- IUI scheduled. FINGERS CROSSED!!!
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  • If people spent as much time trying not to do drugs as they do trying to cover up the fact that they do them, the world would be a better place!
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  • Oh my!
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