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Anyone heard of Vitex?

I was looking up anovulation information and some how I came to this pill called Vitex. They sell it at Walgreens and its to help regulate a woman's cycle. Just wondering if anyone has heard of it.

Re: Anyone heard of Vitex?

  • Yeah I've heard of it but I've never heard of any actual positive results from it.

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  • Did nothing for me, someone on here mentioned her RE said take Vitamin D, because studies showed women with low Vitamin D some didn't ovulate. I'd ask your Dr though of course.

    FWIW I started taking it in Dec 2009 and I haven't had a cycle over 37 days since I started taking it. My cycles ranged from 35-64 days. I didn't take it for that reason, but for general health and then I saw the Vitamin D post about it. Not sure if that is what actually got me on track or not, but I haven't stopped taking it.  Oh and I have always been irregular since day 1. HTH

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  • There are chat boards on TCOYF's web site: There is a complementary and alternative therapies section, I'm pretty sure people have discussed it there. I don't have any personal experience though.
  • I used it to restart my cycle after 10 years on Depo, had first cycle within a month of taking it only 4 months after stopping shot. Can't say for sure it was the catalyst, but results were promising. Just remember once you get your cycle to also be charting, as you shouldn't take it after ovulation as it can affect implantation.
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  • I tried it for a few months and didn't see any results. But I am completely anovulatory, not just irregular. I think you can search the boards as well, I found some info there. 
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