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So, you know those lovely gliders that we spend $$$ on

for their room?

I have NOT used it ONE time, lol. We spent about $300 on it and it's comfy don't get me wrong, but I don't like nursing there b/c--well-- I"m a bad mom and I like to watch TV when I nurse b/c it takes a while and it helps to pass the time.  I also don't really use it to soothe him b/c (a) he doesn't sleep in his room now, he's in our room in a bassinet so it's not like it's convenient in the middle of the night AND he prefers the motion of my other cheap ass rocking chair---apparently there's a difference though I have no idea what it is.

So, if you're on a budget and you have to pick and choose the items you buy now vs. items you buy later, you might want to consider waiting on the chair. I wish I did. Maybe one of these days it'll come in handy.   

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Re: So, you know those lovely gliders that we spend $$$ on

  • I was totally thinking this the other day.  I am definitely going to want to watch tv while BFing....

    Oh well.  The glider is pretty nice to have right now.  I like to read in it.  Maybe I can use it to read to the LO later.

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  • Thanks for the heads up! We have an awesome rocker that Mr. is refinishing. It has comfy cushions and it will cost around $50 to recover.

    This cements my decision to use it!

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  • Thanks! We've been going back and forth about. We're doing the same thing sleeping wise, so I don't think it would make sense for us now that you say that. I guess we could always get one later if we absolutely need it.
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  • I never used mine either...

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  • If ours was in the bedroom, we'd never ever ever EVER use it.  It's in the living room so, you know, it's VERY used.


    It has perma-butt-indent from me.  :)

  • Mine is being used for the first time in five years to replace the couch that had to be tossed when the cat peed on it as he was dying.  It was still a sweet gesture from DH though when he surprised me with it so long ago.
  • Thank you! This makes me feel way better about my choice to take MIL's old rocking chair for now.
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  • I bet one day it will come in handy... when my kids were still really little and sleeping in our room, I nursed them in our bed - and during the day, I nursed them wherever we were (living room, kitchen, etc.)  But once they got a bit older and were sleeping in their own room, I nursed them every evening and through the night in the rocker.  There was NO way I was going to watch TV or surf the internet during the middle of the night feedings - if I did that, I'd never be able to go back to sleep and they would think there was LIFE going on in the wee hours of the morning when I want them to know its DEAD at 2am and there's no reason to wake up.  When I nurse in the night, I don't turn on lights or even talk - its ALL business.  :)

    Now that my kids are 3.5 and 2, we still use the rocker to read them bedtime stories and rock to sooth (our 2 year old).  I still love it - maybe more now because of the memories than when I first got it.  I swear I'll never get rid of it because of the sweet memories I have in it that came later.  

    In fact - I had a REALLY ugly "DH and FIL picked it out" LazyBoy with DD... I didn't think we needed a rocker so it was the only thing we didn't buy before she was born.  FIL thought we needed one, so he and DH went to get one.  I specifically said to get one of the ones that looks like an armchair and somehow, they came home with the biggest, ugliest, green chenille LazyBoy and I was too groggy/upset to ask them to take it back.  When DS was born, I knew how much I used a rocker in the night, so I splurged and spent $600 on a Best Chairs and I'm SOOOO glad I did.  When we're finished having babies (um, that's in November) and don't need it, we'll reupholster it and put it in the guest room probably.

    I would say that the day will come when you use it and you will love it.  :)

  • We decided to get a nice recliner for the living room instead of a glider. We've always wanted one, and our BIL recommended it! Apparently it's our niece's favorite :)
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  • I have used my glider pretty much every day since DS was born. We used to have it out in the main living area (play room) and then as he got older it is our favorite spot to read books, cuddle etc. I sit in it all the time while he plays in his room and use it to settle him down at naptime and bedtime. Since DS#2 will be in with us at first I'm actually thinking about moving it in our room or getting another one!
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  • I never got one with DS #1, I just bought an oversized stationary chair & ottoman that I really like. I can't tell you how many night I wished I had a glider.
    My Mom just bought us a rocker recliner at BRU last weekend & I am putting it in our room until DS moves up to his room. 

     I agree they are not useful in the beginning, especially if they are somewhere you will not use them.... but once the baby is older they will get too distracted nursing with TV at night 
    SSM you should move your glider to the living room so you can use it :O)
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  • I agree with this post 100%. I always nursed in front of the t.v. in the lazy boy rocking chair - not the rocking chair I begged dh for in the nursery. Thank goodness we didn't pay much for it though.
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  • You might still use it when they get a little older - at least we did.  We got ours as a hand me down, and we're putting it in the master bedroom so when I have to nurse in the middle of the night, I can sit in it.  I never could nurse laying in bed.
  • I agree they aren't useful in the newborn stage but now I love it. I also agree that once they are older you probably wont be nursing and watching tv in the middle of the night. If I did that DD would never go back to sleep!
  • I never had one with Jake, instead I got this chair
     figuring that we could use it elsewhere in the house after he was not a baby. Once Jake was older & moved to his room I regretted that decision. I was always slouched sideways trying to get comfy. 

    Last weekend I ordered a new rocker recliner to use with Logan. 
    I plan on putting it in our room until he moves up to his room.

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  • With DS, our plan was to go with the Canadian rocker we already had. After one day home from the hospital, I went out and bought a glider. I desperately needed the motion and the full body support. And the cushiness!
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  • I use mine all day, every day. I never liked nursing in bed - hurt my back, was uncomfortable, etc and from day 1 I've always nursed DS while sitting in the glider.

    Right now if I want DS to go down for a nap or go to bed, we bounce him on the exercise ball, but I've rocked him to sleep, too.

    I love my glider!

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  • I also got a ton of use out of ours. DD#1 went straight to the crib when we got home from the hospital and I used the rocker to nurse her (when I BF) and bottle feed her formula for our in the middle of the night feedings. I also used it everynight to read her books until she moved into her big girl bed when she was 3.
  • i love nursing in bed, i have a special pillow and everything
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  • i was really torn about getting a glider but i'm actually glad i did get one b/c we couldn't sleep w/ DS in our room so it gave me somewhere to sit during night feedings. 

    however i made sure to buy one that also would match our room so i could put it in there as a reading chair if we didnt like it etc... and it wasn't expensive ($150) another reason we bought it.  :o

    i'm sure eventually you will use it.  hopefully anyway.  LOL

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  • Yeah, the glider is one of those things that you won't know if you'll use/like/need until after the baby is born.  We bought one after DS was born, from CL for $80, when we decided that we actually wanted one.
  • Good to know.  I was sort of feeling sorry for myself because a) we can't afford a nice chair and b) there is no room for one in the baby's room.  I have an old wooden rocker that I was going to put in there, but I have a feeling I'll be in the lazyboy watching TV like you.


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  • Darn I just bought one because I went to BF class and they were saying how wonderful it is.  I totally got suckered into buying it... because I didn't want to miss out on how "wonderful" the experience is.

    We are going to keep the baby in our room at first so I was actually planning on putting the glider in our room... hopefully that will let me get more use out of it.  I'm like you and would like to watch tv while i'm nursing.  I plan on using it before I put her down to sleep at night as well.

  • We put our glider in the living room in front of the TV!
  • woohoo, good things b/c we don't have room for one..haha

    LOVE the new pic of cute.  How are you??

  • Lol! This is very true. I would use it to feed lo during the night (when he used to eat at night). We would both go into his room and I would bf then pump without disturbing dh. Ds now just started sleeping in his room. Last night was rough and I winded up sleeping on that damn glider. Good thing it was comfy. But I agree...def something that can wait till later.
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  • Thanks for the tip! You know, it had really not occurred to me to get a glider or a rocker until DH started mentioning it a few weeks ago.  I just didn't think about it as a "baby item," because being an only child, I never really made the connection between our having a rocker and my mom using it with me.

    Of course, after DH and I tested a few out on a recent scouting trip to BRU, I suspect that he's using "baby" as an excuse because he really wants one for himself. He's talking about getting one that will coordinate with our sofa and I'm going, "But if it's in the nursery...." and he's looking at me going, "Well, after it moves out of the nursery when Jr. is bigger...." Yeah, forget rocking our child to sleep or b'feeding in long it's available for football season, NASCAR season, you get the idea. Confused


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