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Cloth Diapering

Anyone use cloth training pants?

We are just starting potty training and I'd like to get some cloth training pants.  There is a local store that sells some and I'm going to go check them out.  Here is a link to what they have.

I know Target also sells the thicker cloth training underwear.  But I think I want the kind that have snaps on the sides. 

Has anyone used any cloth training pants or have any tips/info about them? 

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Re: Anyone use cloth training pants?

  • Good luck, we are PT also and I havent been able to find anything that is easy enough for DS to pull up and down AND beabsorbant enough. If you find anything cheap and work well let me know. Be sure to read lots of revieiws b4 u buy, that has been helpful for me.
  • I got the dappi ones for pretty cheap they're just pull up and down they need to be washed a couple times before use but then they're pretty absorbant!



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  • We love Little Beetles.  They are side snapping and absorbant enough that they will tolerate a full wet accident (the trainer is completely saturated & you'll have to change it right away but it won't be dripping on your floor).
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  • DD went straight from diapers to underwear. We bought one pack of disposable pullups that we used on the rare occasion when an accident would have been a true disaster, but that was all we needed. It made a lot more sense to go the disposable route, rather than buy some cloth training pants that would have only gotten used a few times each.

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  • We bought cloth training pants but DD still can't get her pants up or down by herself and she really only needed the trainers for a week or less, so it wasn't worth the cost.
  • After 6 months of PTing with disposable pull-ups I finally broke down and got a stash of cloth for some PTing definitely doesn't happen as quickly as others! I was hoping not to have to need to buy a cloth trainers stash...but DD is super stubborn and tends to use PTing as a control issue...I also think the disposables hindered her progress as she doesn't even know she is wet with them and could care less when she pees in those...but with the cloth she notices and lets us know that she is wet...anyway, antsy pantsy are working out pretty good (although they are expensive!) I initially got a bunch of Blueberry minky trainers off diaperswappers FSOT (since they are discontinued) and those work wonderfully (will absorb a full accident) except that they don't have side-snaps...I'm finding a mix of side-snaps and the blueberry's are working out good for us...side-snaps are nice for the poop accidents...the pull-up/down without snaps are a little trickier and messier for cleanup with's a lot of trial and error again just as it was with the cloth diapers...but hope this helps a little in your cloth trainer stash building!

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