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BF in public question

I went shopping today and while I was at the Gap my LO started fussing to be fed. I went into the dressing room and fed him in there. Have you ever done this? Should I have asked an employee if this is allowed? Where do you go to BF when you're out?
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Re: BF in public question

  • Usually when I am out at the mall and DS needs to be fed I go to Nordstrom because they have a nice mother's room that has a comfy couch. If I am somewhere other than a mall I just find someplace a little out of the way and pull out my nursing cover.

    I don't think it is a big deal to BF in the dressing room but I would be annoyed if I was waiting for a room and you were using it to BF in.

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  • I've done that too!  I let them know I'll be in there about 5 or 10 minutes and they are sympathetic.  I agree with pp, Nordstrom's is a great place to go if that is in your mall.
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  • I BF in dressing rooms all the time. In fact, I BFed in the Gap last week. I have yet to actually NIP at a mall b/c it's easy to find a dressing room or do it in the car before/after shopping.
    I know several other people that do the same.

    I don't ask unless there's aren't a ton of dressing rooms or they ask the # of things I'm trying on.

  • The only mall I ever go to has an awesome family lounge that has three private breast feeding stalls and many comfy arm chairs to use.

    If I am in other stores, I just use my nursing cover.

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  • the mall we frequent has a BF lounge.  but if we are in another place i BF just about anywhere i could take a seat and where baby wouldnt be distracted

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