Has anyone read these books? (Foster to Adopt) — The Bump

Has anyone read these books? (Foster to Adopt)

Another Place at the Table: A story of Shattered Childhoods Redeemed by Love  (by Kathryn Harrison)


Three Little Words: A Memoir (by Ashley Rhodes-Courter)


Just wondering what your thoughts were, if they were helpful/insightful... I put them both on hold at the library and and looking forward to reading them.  


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Re: Has anyone read these books? (Foster to Adopt)

  • I haven't read either (sorry no help there) but I did recently check out "A Guidebook For Raising Foster Children" by Susan McNair Blatt.....it seems pretty helpful so far.  
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  • I have read 3 Little Words. It was really good, but sad. It had a very happy ending, though. I would reccomend anyone wanting to foster- adopt read it. I like how it gives perspective from a childs view, not another adult who hasn't been through the system.
  • I'm not a foster parent, but I've read both and thought they were amazing!  Two other books about the foster care system that are good are "Hope's Boy" and "The Lost Children of Wilder," although both are sadder than "Three Little Words" and the second one is much denser.

    And the book "Maybe Days" is a decent explanation of foster care for children who've newly entered the system. 

  • Add to your list -

    The Connected Child by Dr Karyn Purvis (she's a professor at TCU!) Its on attachment and really good for foster children and International adoption for children who have been in orphanages.

    The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog by Dr Bruce Perry (also from Texas and had a part in the big LDS CPS case). His is a little more scientific on how the brain works and is affected by abuse and neglect.

  • I read Three Little Words...highly recommend if you are going to adopt older children.
    Stay at Home Mama to 3 Beautiful Children by the miracles of Birth & Adoption
  • I am so excited to see all these book titles! Now off to the library website to reserve them! Thanks! (Sorry to hijack OP)....I wanted some titles too.
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