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Woot! No weight gain in last 2 weeks!

I went to my PCP today for random stuff and I found out that in 15 days I haven't gained any weight.  Yes!

I was worried because last time I weighed in, I had gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks.  Not a huge deal, but I didn't want to continue on that track for too long.  Maybe I just had a big growth spurt and now I'm levelling off a bit.

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Re: Woot! No weight gain in last 2 weeks!

  • Nice job! I had that happen when I gained 15 lbs in 4 weeks and then lost 3 lbs. I also think the big jump in weight forced me to  pay better attention to what I was eating.

    That being said, I split a bunch of cupcakes with some friends who came to visit!

    All bets are off in the end :-) 

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  • That is awesome!

    I am super jealous. I'm telling myself my 4 weekends in a row had an influence on my last weight gain and also praying they won't weigh me tomorrow at my GTT!

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  • So jealous!!! I'm trying so hard to keep my weight in check and it isn't working.
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  • Nice!
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  • That's awesome!  I was told last week that I should only gain 3lbs between now and September 29th.  I've been only eating salad, chicken and fruits.  I'm not sure how I'm going to keep it to 3 lbs.  I gained 9lbs within the month prior Embarrassed
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