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Estrogen Levels?

I started the Fol Stim and Menopur on friday along with the lupron.  I went for an US today every thing looked good and they told me to continue the same doses..... but then I got a phone call that my estrogen was 800 and they want me to decrease my fol stim from 75 to 25.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I am new to all this.

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  • On average, a mature follicle produces an estrogen level of 200-250. I am assuming that your high estrogen level means that you are over-producing follicles and estrogen. I am not sure how all those other meds work, because I've only been on Clomid. But thats my guess......
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  • I'm curious too, I got a call that my estrogen was 400 or something like that, they had me cut back from 150iu to 75iu.  I was wondering if I need to cut back because I was over-producing or producing too fast.  I suppose I can ask tomorrow at my next appt.
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  • It's not necessarily good or bad.  They just need to adjust your dose so your E2 doesn't get too high too quickly. 
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  • Thats what I thought.  After reading up I saw that at about the ET time the estrogen levels can be up to 4000.  So I guess they just don't want it to get too high that fast.  Thank you every one for the input.  I will ask more questions at my appt on thurs.
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