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This month is driving me bananas! LONG!

I know I don't post on here too often, but I had to come out of the wood work to vent! First off, my disclaimer: I know I'm going to get some "you should be charting" comments, but I did at first but have quit ever since DH has gone out of town for work. We only get to see eachother for a weekend every 4-8 weeks and the trips are planned well in advance so I don't want to stress over our trip not aligning with my cycle since there is really nothing I can do about it. I just try to plan trips for when I think will be mid cycle and that is enough for me until he gets home (some day, some month, some year... *sigh*).

 Anyways, when I was charting, my cycles were text book, 27-28 days, O'd around 14. So this last cycle I saw DH on CD's 11, 12, 13 & 14 (which means we had sex at least twice each day...c'mon, it'd been 5 weeks!!). So I'm thinking that could be good timing. At CD 24 I got horrible cramps, like AF cramps, and I was stunned because this is the first month since I had my IUD out that I had a different cycle. But she never came. So CD 26 I POAS and get a BFN. CD 27 comes and cramps hit me like a freight train while I'm at the grocery store. I rush home because I know AF is here, but again, she wasn't. The cramps went away later that evening. Now it's CD 28 and no sign of AF. So I'm not writing all of this to ask you if I'm KU'd (if I don't know obviously no one else will either!). I'm just venting because I am so sick of these stupid phantom syptoms messing with my emotions, and I have no one else to vent to about this stuff! We wanted to be pg before DH had to leave, but it didn't work out that way and I am so sick of hearing about every one else I know getting pregnant and not even having to try, or worse yet, not even wanting to be. UGH!!!

And although I got a BFN a couple days ago, I am keeping a very small hope that maybe it was too early and I'll test again in a few days, so please keep your fingers crossed. I'm not counting on it, but maybe there's a small chance, or better, miracle........

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Re: This month is driving me bananas! LONG!

  • I'm sorry! That's sucks. Hang in there though & hopefully you will get your BFP or AF will show soon so you can have some resolution at least.
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  • I hear you on this girl! UGH how annoying - Phantom symptoms stink! My cycles are usually 34 day since I got of BC but have gone as long as 44days last month. I got AF symptoms all last week...even some light brown mucus - could've sworn she was coming. Here I am at CD 38 and still nothing. I tested last Saturday which could've been too early? Fingers crossed for both of us. I'll say a prayer for you! :)

    *Hugs* :)

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