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Has anyone been to a Beaches? Or done a Disney cruise?

I'd like to do a family vacation next summer since we are on track to be debt free besides our mortgage at that time and I want to celebrate.  I am considering either a Beaches (or similar) resort or a Disney cruise.  Have you done either one of these?  Are the worth doing with a 2 year old?  I am thinking we will go either just before or just after her birthday.  Are there 2 year old friendly things to do, or are they geared more towards older kids?  Any feedback would be appreciated! Smile


Re: Has anyone been to a Beaches? Or done a Disney cruise?

  • We had planned to do a cruise next year but now I am pg again, so thats out.  A friend of mine showed me a link to Royal Carribean though and they are starting a new thing teamed with dreamworks animation and it has a lot of kid friendly activities (shows, characters etc) but for like half the price of a disney cruise.
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  • i did a Disney Cruise as a teenager. It was pretty awesome but almost overwhelming. I think there are different ones to choose from. We did one that was 4 days at DisneyWorld, and I THINK 6 days on the cruise going to the Bahamas and such. IMO, wayyyyyy too much Disney. Granted, I was a teenager that was too cool for the vast majority of the stuff, but theres only so many days you can spend at Disney, lol.

    But I think theres "lower" packages you can choose that are also cheaper. As for a 2 yr old, Im not sure if it would be too much or not. The cruise itself has sections for different age groups which was pretty awesome. If your LO can recognize Disney stuff and get excited like when MIckey shows up, the better. But thats a lot of money to put down if he/she gets overwhelmed easy or doesnt really understand that kind of stuff, KWIM? 

    If I remember right, its a little more for older kids. There were A LOT there and most of the parents let their kids roam free along the cruise.  

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