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TTC- Encouragement Only

Some people feel better wallowing over someone else's equally miserable story, venting about how AF arrived yet again, reading post after post from other women obsessing over the 2WW and possible symptoms. And don't get me wrong...sometimes I do the same thing. But it never seems to make me feel better...just makes me realize I'm  not alone and makes me feel horrible for them.

However, I ALWAYS feel better when I receive encouragment (unless it's "Just Relax"). So here's a place to post nothing negative. Only words of encouragement, scriptures, some great tidbit of advice, your ttc sucess story! So when all the blogs and posts and life gets to be too much...we can look here and know we will be uplifted! This board won't be for everyone, and that's ok! But for those of us who are in a season of trying our hardest to look at the positive...let's bring it!

Re: TTC- Encouragement Only

  • Ok, so 1st post of encouragement...

    I woke up today and realized how much I DO have. A super supportive husband, a beautiful home, an AMAZING support system of friends who truly care, an amazing Father who is always faithful. I'm so blessed! I can't wait to see what else is to come, but for now, I have a LOT to be thankful for.

    Anyone else care to share their "thanksgiving list"?

  • I wake up everyday thinking I have been blessed with a new beginning again. My husband is great, his full support gives me the positive outlook in life especially on TTC. I know one day it will happen for us. Im thankful for my RE who is so helpful and is really good on explaining what our next steps would be. Atleast now we have a plan. We will continue to have faith and we know someday we will be blessed with the gift of life, our very own bundle of joy.

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  • OK i will add my "thanksgiving list"

    I am thankful for my DH.  He is laid back and balances out my crazy planning everything self.  He can also fix anything so he provides a plan B for me when despite my planning  things go wrong. 

    I'm thankful that everyday when I get home, I see our dog's face looking out the window before he races to the door to greet me. 

    I'm thankful I have 3T to turn to when I have questions or just need an internet shoulder.

  • AF today makes me happy that I'm one day closer to ovulating again. :) and the doc is letting me try clomid on days 3-7 instead of i'm pumped to switch it up!
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