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I'm curious.. does anyone have a job where your co-workers actually act in a professional manner? Or do I just have bad luck and all my jobs have catty, gossiping, childish, back-stabbing people? [Poll]

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  • I work in a clinic with all women co-workers. Backstabbing & gossip are daily fixtures of the job! lol
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  • It's about half and half. I try to surround myself with the professional half. I just smile and make nice with the others.
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  • I work at a hospital that is run by catty women. 


    I could have liked my job.  

  • I work in an office where the game "Who would you rather..." is a staple in our afternoon conversation.  Needless to say there is very little proffessionalism at my office.

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  • Um, no. My boss used to cry at the office all the time and you couldn't get away from the gossip.

    My husband always has the best stories though. His office manager just didn't show up for work one day and they finally figured out that he was in jail. They didn't fire him. Seriously? Yesterday he came in with a mohawk.

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  • Most of them try to act professional, but some of them are not.  The main problem is that our boss is not professional and likes to go around the office yelling at everyone and telling them they are dumb.  So, yeah, sometimes people need to blow off some steam.

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  • I too work with all naturally I clicked "no, I work with catty people too." 

    The funny thing about the childish behavior is that I am the youngest, by 10 years MINIMUM.  I spend my days thinking about TTC while listening to others trying to one-up their menopause symptoms and accuse others of faking them to get more attention.  Come on baby and mat leave.....!

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  • atlbatlb member
    Gossip and sexual harrassment are the only things that are constant in my office.
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  • My managers are professional. My coworkers can be. But there is one particular group right out of college who still haven't figured out that life =/= a constant frat party!

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  • Luckily I don't have any backstabbers or cat fights, but gossip is a given no matter what...

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  • SS: Our office is mostly men which, I must admit, are definitely more professional than the women. Our Accounting department is where all the trouble comes from. The gossip runs rampant up there!!

    My office is one of the best in the whole building: whole wall of windows and an actual door that closes. I stay in here whenever possible. It's my happy place; free from all the dramz.

  • As a nurse I work with mostly women.  Most of them are 40 going on 14.

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  • My office is made up of myself and two other women. We have three guys that work out on the property who come in throughout the day. There really aren't enough of us to gossip about each other and we aren't catty at all. With all of that being said, we are far from professional. We tell dirty jokes and have been known to cuss like sailors. That is just the atmosphere of my office though.

  • I loved my old job. I worked as a social worker at a domestic violence agency and saw some pretty rough stuff on a daily basis. The work environment was awesome. While we were very professional and had to hold it together for our clients, it was not uncommon after a rough case, for us to go to our shared office and turn on some music and lip sync to Justin Bieber ( yes, grown women singing Bieber) with our staplers or yelling " That's what she said.." While it sounds unprofessional, it was what got us through all of the crises. I loved it!
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  • Most of the people I work with can be professional when they have to but there is a lot of petty backstabbing that goes on. Also there are a lot of family members and people dating someones family member that all work in upper's funny how that works out. I work in administration and we provide waiver/group homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. I supervise 8 of these sites so I have a lot of freedom! I am usually only at the office on payroll days unless I need to print stuff. Otherwise I hide out in my sites with my laptop all day or work from home. I really only talk to my nurse (whom I love, she's great!) and the two supervisors below me that I oversee. I hear all the gossip from the support staff on a daily basis they find it all out I have no clue!!
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  • I work with mostly men and let me tell you.... so I figured I was in the clear of immature, childish, gossiping individuals WRONG!!!!  I do say they put on their serious hats when its time to get down to business so thats good, but they r pretty bad behind the scenes ugh.
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