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Anyone love their rumparooz lil joey newborns?  I currently have gdiapers tinys but was wondering if for a babysitter and other issues that all AIO would work better.  Thanks for your opinion!

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  • I've heard good things, but never tried the lil joey newborns.  We have the G2 pockets that fit 10-35 lbs and they are AWESOME.  The inner leg gussets rock. They're worth the pricetag, IMO.  GL!
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  • I have 2 in my stash and thought they were going to be my favorite...but I hate them.  They don't fit my DS very well, especially because he's in between snap sizes.  Everytime I've used them they leak.  I'm bummed cause I had such high hopes for them!

    That being said, I know a lot of women love them.  Just depends on how they fit your LO.

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  • I haven't used them, but have been seeing mixed reviews.. I have seen that they run really small, but I have seen that if they fit your LO they are great at holding everything in.  I am planning on getting a few for my newborn stash..
  • Like PP, I had leaking issues but ONLY in the first couple weeks and only pee - they contained poo fantastically! They started working great without leaks once DD chubbed up a little. :)

    We have 20 of them and when they stopped leaking, we loved them. We'll be saving them for baby #2 some day. 

    I suggest getting one 2-pack to try and see if you like them and then go from there. I also REALLY like our BG AIOs - we got size small and they didn't fit right away but they still fit great now at 3 months. You could get a couple XS or S of those for sitters.

  • THey are very narrow in the crotch.  Full review in my blog (link in siggy)
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  • image Mrs.B6302007:
    THey are very narrow in the crotch.  Full review in my blog (link in siggy)

    Hmm, I'll be waiting to use the expandable ones on DD then.  

    I do love my rumparooz, I have 28 of them and they are wonderful, but I started them on DS when he was about 5 months. 

  • We hate ours. They fit him great, but they leak at the stitching. Clearly a diaper problem. We have contacted the company and they keep arguing us, saying it's something we're doing - first the way we were washing them, then saying that we aren't tucking his penis. Ummm how on earth can they claim to know that! Not to mention they are wrong... We are still fighting with them over it, hopefully we'll end up getting some money back.

    We started CDing when he was 4 days old and all of our other newborn sized dipes have been great. We have XS FB pockets, XS Thirsties pocket AIOs, and S Dream Eze AIOs (which aren't made the same anymore :-( :-( ).

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