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So much for DH being a pee stick pusher

Every other month, DH has talked me into POS at least one or two days before I was planning. I planned on testing between 12-14 DPO this month. The more I thought about it last night, though, the more I convinced myself that maybe I would test Wednesday. 11 DPO isn't insanely early and DH is off tomorrow, which would be a good thing no matter what the results. So I bring up this morning that I'm debating when I should test, hoping to get him to say "tomorrow." He asks when AF is due and I tell him Saturday. "Well, then Saturday would be a good day." Seriously? The one month I'm ready to jump the gun and he's being all sensible. I can make it to 14 DPO, right?
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Re: So much for DH being a pee stick pusher

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