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Used pump

I was thinking about buying a used Medela PIS.  According to the website, it isnt recommended.  Is it safe?

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  • I borrowed my cousin's pump.  I trust her and her "lifestyle" so I didn't see it as an issue.  Not sure if I would buy one from a stranger though!


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  • I have 2 used pumps that I use. I don't see an issue with it since I got all my own parts and it's just the pump that's used. It's unlikely for milk to get in the pump, so I feel ok with it. 
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  • I wouldn't unless you knew the person and their medical history.  Even with new parts there is the possibility something got in the motor, or even that they dropped the pump and it's not working 100%, etc.
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  • I got mine for $60 from a friend of friend and I'm doing just fine!
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