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Obsessively checking

Does anyone have a hard time during the two week wait period? I feel like I am always checking "pregnancy signs" and almost psych myself into believing I have them... :(

Re: Obsessively checking

  • I am constantly pressing on my boobs to see if they are sore.  Sadly, pressing on them so much makes them sore, thus makes me think I have a pregnancy symptom.  Ugh!
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  • Yes, I do this--although everytime I get to the 2ww, I tell myself I won't, but that never works! Today (I'm 8DPO), I think I've gone to the bathroom about 10 times thinking that I'm getting AF. It's frustrating. I wish I could tell you how to avoid thinking about it--if you find out, let me know!
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  • Definitely know how this feels. My hunny is so excited to be TTC that he makes me almost crazy with his questions. Doesn't help that I've wanted to TTC for the last year and he's been avoiding it until just last month. Without telling me first. Not that I'm complaining though :)
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