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baby asprin?

So...I was talking to one of my co-workers today that actually knows quite a bit about infertility and medicines and such.  She said that it woudn't be a bad idea for me to start taking a baby asprin a day.  She says that it helps to aleviate the stress on your body from when you get pregnant (ie: body rejecting the baby).

Has anyone heard of this?

Re: baby asprin?

  • I take it because I have a clotting factor. I wouldn't take it without talking to a doctor first.
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  • I have seen it on charts in the ff gallery and I only know of one person who takes it for a clotting disorder.  I would not take it unless you consult your physician first.
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  • My Dr. put me on it along with my pre-natals. He said he gives it to all mothers 30+ (especially first time).

    He does this because of the heightened probability of clots in the placenta (during fomration)

    He also said I need to be off it sometime mid 2nd trimester - because it can prevent clotting when you actually need it (after birth).  

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  • I was told by my RE to take a baby aspirin daily during our IVF process because it would help with implantation.

  • I took one until I was done my first trimester for my DS. The science behind it from what my doctor told me, was that it is supposed to enrichen the lining of the uterus, thus increasing the odds of implantation being successful if you conceive.

    I'm trying it again for this pregnancy.


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  • My dr put me on it along w/PNV.  I'm (almost) 29.  He said it reduces the chance of "first trimester loss"  I also consulted dr. google and it said baby aspirin increases blood flow to the ovaries and uterus making the lining better. 
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  • Actually most of the most recent research on the topic (according to my midwife and some of my own research) indicate that it is not that affective at preventing miscarriages in women with blood clotting  BUT it can help all other women during the implantation stage. She said that it should not be taken until 32 weeks as previously been recommended and be taken only until 6 weeks.

    I am not completely convinced as I was so programmed to think that it should be taken until 32 weeks. I will probably keep taking it until the second trimester. 



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