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Kindergarten Orientation-questions..

My son has kindergarten orientation tonight and I have been really busy lately and can't really think straight. He is in all day, everyday kindergarten and normally when I go this type of thing I have a list of questions but can't really think of any. What should I be asking? I don't want to leave and wish I had asked something.. Or will they pretty much answer all my questions? Thanks for any insight you can offer.

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  • My kids go to kindergarten next year so I don't have any experience, but these are the things I'm curious about.  If they have any sort of rest period/down time, when they feed the kids (lunch, snack?), the best way to communicate with the teacher (e-mail, phone), and how will I know everything is going ok/feedback. 
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  • When we had ours, they gave us a big packet that answered tons of questions. I believe they had a Q&A too, so maybe some parents will ask things you didn't think of.

    You'll probably learn what their schedule will be like, whether or not they will take a nap, if the school provides a snack, etc. 

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  • Thanks, Ladies!
  • Ours covered things like the bus system, bus stops, buddy system for getting KGers on/off the bus, what they'll learn during the school year (more social stuff at the beginning, more academics at the end).  I asked yesterday about whether parents come to school on the first day.  And, should have asked the teacher when DS's lunch hour is (may call and ask b/c this size of his breakfast will depend on when his lunch is).
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  • Thanks, Shouldbeworkin, those are great ideas too, I will need to know when lunch is.
  • My older DD started a full day, full time Pre-K class today and at our orientation last week, they really answered all of our questions.  Things they went over are schedule (all meals are included), snow emergnecy stuff, daily schedule, parent and child folders (we have different ones), what we should be bringing to school, what should be left in the kids lockers, what shoes are allowed (they do not allow crocs, flip flops or any type of dressy girly shoes that don't have rubber soles and basically, no open toes).  Went over some basic field trip stuff (the kids have special shirts for these).  No peanut rule as there is a child in the class with peanut allergy.  No school and need to school lunch days.  We also had one on one meetings with the teachers and in those we went over the specifics of our child (like mine can only nap 1 hour and she has an IEP so we discussed that).  They really had very detailed information for us and I didn't leave with any questions unanswered.
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