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Nurses Frequently

Hi Corky,

My nearly 4 month old nurses every hour on the hour (starts to start) during the day, up to 15 feedings in 24 hours.  He's always been that way, but it has gradually increased in frequency.  He sleeps well - up to 10 hours at night without nursing, is gaining weight well (2 mo. check up 75th percentile for weight and 90th for height), urinates frequently but goes about 8 days between soiled diapers.  For a while I pumped to create a bottle for his last feeding of the day since he gets cranky during afternoon and evening feeding sessions due to lower supply.  At that time I was able to pump 4-6 oz on one breast in the morning.  He usually just cat naps during the day (20-50 minutes) falling asleep at the breast and often times wakes up just in time for the next feeding. 

 Question: Should I continue his routine,  do I need to spread out feedings or do I need to increase my supply somehow?  And, should I consider starting solid foods soon rather than waiting until 6 months?

NOTE: He can go 1.5-2 hours between feedings and sleep more than an hour at a time on days when we're out and about all day (usually weekends).


April and Xander Barton
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