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Convertible vs. Regular Crib

I'm looking to strengthen my pro/con list of both before we decide on what type of crib to buy.  With a regular crib, do you need to get a transitional toddler bed?  I'm pretty sure I went from crib to twin bed, and I think that's what my sister has done w/ her kids.  The Convertible Crib is attractive as a piece to transition through stages, but I feel like once they are ready for the big kid bed, will they accept the small daybed style of the crib, or will they want to go straight to a twin?  I'm anti-full-sized-bed for a little kid, so I would do the mini-convertible style if we went that route.

What do/did you have for your LO's and why do you like it? 

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Re: Convertible vs. Regular Crib

  • We have convertibles for both since they were only 20 mo apart and Maggie was not ready for being out of a crib when Molly was born.  For us we liked the look of the crib that was a convertible and it was no more expensive than other plain cribs that we liked.  So we went with the furniture set we liked best and it happened that both were convertibles. 

    Some people skip the toddler bed all together.  As for us, Maggie is still in the crib - she likes it, doesn't climb out and it keeps her contained so I am not messing with for now.  I know I will soon and I like the fact that we can just convert to the toddler bed - it is closer to the floor so I don't have to worry about her falling out or buying expensive bed rails (some people do use pool noodles under the sheets so you don't HAVE to buy expensive rails). 

  • We bought a convertible mainly because we got a good deal, I liked the style, and the color matched our existing furniture. Ours allows you to take off the front part and put two smaller railings on each side and then the kid can get in and out through the middle area. I like that it has that option but it wasn't a deciding factor. I would be fine if DD went from the crib to a single bed that's close to the floor (or on the floor). Actually, I hope that's what happens. By the time it's time for her to transition from a full crib to a toddler bed or bed, I hope to have a newborn in the crib Smile


    image tracy042206:

     (some people do use pool noodles under the sheets so you don't HAVE to buy expensive rails). 

    What a great idea! I'll have to file that away.

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  • We didn't seek out convertible cribs specifically.  We just didn't want a drop-side crib and ended up liking the look of the convertible crib we chose. 

    We didn't buy the conversion rails when we bought the crib.  If the timing works such that we have a second child who needs the crib after DS is ready for a regular bed, we'll just get DS a bed and use the crib for #2.  If there's no #2 in sight when DS is ready for a bed, we'll probably buy the toddler rail, convert the crib to a toddler bed and use that for him for a while.

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  • Ours is convertible, but we don't have plans to use it as such.  DD was in it as a crib until she turned 2, and then she moved to a full-size bed with rails with no problems.  Two months later, DS arrived, and we used it for him for naps until he transitioned out of the bassinet and did all his sleeping in the crib.  I don't think we'll use it as a convertible bed for him, either...probably just get him a twin with rails. It seems like an unnecessary extra step and adjustment for the child to make (that is, if yours will easily take to a regular bed...luckily, mine did).


    We plan on having a third kid, and maybe we'll convert it for that one because it likely won't need to be used as a crib again.  But for #1 and #2, they'll never use that feature because it'll always overlap with the need to be used as a crib by a baby.  If you have a long-term timeline in mind, that may be a factor for you.


    Regardless, I think all the cribs we looked at for DD were convertibles, just by default.  Price wasn't very different between the various models.  So we ended up with a convertible but weren't seeking one out.  Perhaps you'll find a crib with a style / quality you like that's a convertible, and any pro/con list will be moot  :)

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  • A lot depends on when/if you're having more than one kid, and whether or not you'll be using the crib for future kids.

    We have a convertible crib that converts to little daybed/toddler bed then a full sized bed, bought the rails for it, etc.  However, as it turns out, we probably won't end up using it as a full sized bed when #3 is older.  The way bedrooms have worked out in our house is that #3 will be in the smallest bedroom, and when he's big enough for a big boy bed, we'll have to buy a twin sized bed for him because that bedroom won't fit a full size bed.  I guess we'll either sell the crib or who knows, maybe we'll be in a different house someday with a bedroom for him that will fit a full bed. 

    Oh well, we had good intentions.

    Just curious, if you have a bedroom big enough, why not a full sized bed for an older kid? 

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  • lw - we are not prioritizing a convertible crib, although if we find one we love that's convertible we won't turn it down. Our two bedrooms that could be baby's rooms will fit full-size beds, but there won't be a lot of room for play, a school desk, a dresser, etc. So we are planning on a twin-size bed for baby's big-kid bed.


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