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8.5 month old not nursing "well"

Hi there- my 8.5 month old daughter is now nursing roughly every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day (no nursing at night from about 7:30-5:30). This past week, though, she has started to nurse a little, then pull off and want to sit up and look around, then after a few minutes I offer again and she has a little more and the same thing happens for quite some time. I know that they are really into exploring at this age and easily distracted, but I'm having a hard time knowing when she's "full" because she keeps going back for little bits at a time, which makes the nursing more frequent throughout the day. She is eating pureed fruits and veggies twice a day so I thought that maybe she wasn't as hungry because she does have other stuff in her tummy, but I just worry that she's not getting enough milk. My breasts don't always feel emptied either. Is there a cause for concern about weight or an issue with her nursing more than every 3 hours at this age? Any feedback is much appreciated!!

Re: 8.5 month old not nursing "well"

  • As long as the snacking doesn't drive you nuts, there is no reason to worry. She will get what she needs if you make it available.

    I try to feed my DD with a few distractions as possible because she does this too. It might help to give her something to hold and play with while nursing, like a lovey or small toy?

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