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XP: Kanga Care is coming through for defected diapers (long)

I don't know if this has been posted before, but I was informed by kange care that some of their rumparooz manufactured in Nov 2009 delaminate after several washes. I've had 7 so far delaminate with what appears at least 7 more starting the process.Thank you for your email and for taking the time to let us remedy this situation.  I apologize for this inconvenience to you.We have identified a delamination issue in a small portion of Rumparooz from our November 2009 shipment.  The affected product is still in limited circulation and was scattered randomly.  The delamination is only identifiable after several washes.  During the affected production run, the TPU was not properly bonded to the fabric and therefore may delaminate after washing and/or drying in a machine dryer.This issue has been addressed and remedied and is guaranteed by our new TPU supplier that this will no longer be an issue.  Your defective diapers will be replaced immediately upon review or your claim.  Rumparooz made with TPU from our new supplier are currently in stock, and all replacements will be provided from this stock which are free from this defect. Kanga Care gave me this information for getting them replaced:How to get your replacements:Send an email to [email protected] as follows:1)    1)  Subject Line:  ?your name:  # of affected diapers?2)    2)  Provide a brief explanation listing the diapers that you are submitting.

3)     3)  Attach photo(s) of your affected Rumparooz as below:

a) Write your name and the date clearly on a piece of paper.

b) b) Take photos of your diapers with your name and date (legible)in the pictures.  Please make sure the waist closure (snaps or velcro can be seen in the photo-may require extra photo).

c)     c) If you have multiples of one color, they must all be in the same picture.

d)     d) Defect must be visible in picture.  If defect is not yet visible, please submit your request when defect has taken more effect.  Diapers are 100% functional during

        light delamination.

     For example:  If you have 5 diapers (3 platinum, 1 tulip, 1 spring), there should be 2 pictures.  Picture #1- 3 platinum  Picture #2 spring and tulip.  The defect should be easily identifiable. 

       If you do not have a camera or the ability to photograph your diapers, please contact Customer Service for further instructions ([email protected]). 

Do not send us your diapers without prior approval and an RMA#.

1         4)  Please do not submit diapers if:

?  They have any issue other than delamination. 

?  Diapers were purchased before 11/1/2009 (receipt required).

?  Diapers have Lycra stretch tabs closures.  If you have these please contact us separately for approval!

?  Diapers were purchased as a closeout or factory second (tag is cut or marked).

*Unauthorized items will be returned at customer?s expense.

Once your request has been received and reviewed, you will receive an email with your RMA# and instructions on how to send in your diapers so that we can issue your replacements. 

Please allow 3-5 days for processing of your claim.

When your approved diapers have been received, you will receive compensation for your shipping expense in the form of a Kanga Care Digital Gift Card as follows:

1 to 6 diapers = $5 Kanga Care Digital Gift Card

7 to 12 diapers = $10 Kanga Care Digital Gift Card

13+ diapers = $15 Kanga Care Digital Gift Card

(Maximum of $15)

Please allow 7-10 days for your Digital Gift Card to be issued.


Just thought I'd share for anyone else having issues with their rumparooz delaminating or for future reference, just in case. 

Re: XP: Kanga Care is coming through for defected diapers (long)

  • I had this issue too and they quickly replaced them. I was very pleased with their customer service and haven't had any problems with the new ones they sent.
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