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Diaper dilemma

I'm wondering if any of you have tried this website/brand. My good friend highly recommended it but we are have twins and before I commit to buying them I'd like to know how other people did using them!



Re: Diaper dilemma

  • The BG 4.0's are the newest version - we have and love the BG 3.0's.  They don't work on newborns.  Generally not until baby is 10-12 lbs.  My DS was born at 8 lbs 13 oz, but because he was a slow grower and had a skinny waist, they didn't fit him until he was over 3 months old.  The 4.0's are actually designed to accomadate bigger babies, so there's a chance the wait may be even a bit longer.  That said, DS took a bit longer than average to grow into them.  Once he did, we've really really liked them.

    A lot of people love prefolds for the nb stage.  We used KL0's (Kissaluvs, size 0's) and will do that again with #2.  They do have some KL0 rental programs, although if you're having more kids, I'd be tempted to buy used (if you're ok with that) and save for #3.  both pfs and KL0's need covers.  There are definitely other, generally sized, options for nbs, though.

    www.nellsnaturalbaby.com for the rental package on the KL0's that I plan on using this time.  GL!


  • Thank you thank you! I'm glad you mentioned the size and how fast your baby grew! That's my biggest concern since they said I'll be induced by 38wks if they haven't popped out yet.. what if they are waay to small for these and they don't grow into them for months! I'm def gonna check out that website and no I wouldn't have a problem with used :) Babies are pricey enough as it is lol

  • Kudos for you for considering it with the twins. People think I'm crazy. I started with DD alone in CD and then the twins came along. For a few months we had 3 in CD and that was alot of diapers. But it's totally doable.

    BG 3.0 was my go to diaper but now I favor Fuzzibunz Perfect size (not crazy about the OS but I'm trying to love them). Fuzzibunz ended up working better at night time once we really started needing some heavy absorbancy.

    Plan on washing every day with twins. If I don't there are too many diapers in the load and they wouldn't wash well. But it's the first thing I do everyday and it's easier once it becomes part of the routine.

    I agree with pp. BG don't work well on newborns. We used KL0's for the newborn stage until they grew into the BG, which on my little beasts was only a month both times.

    I haven't tried the new 4.0's yet. All my 3.0's I had switch to a single row snaps and I love that. The velcro was beating up the diapers too bad. I have the double row snaps on the cotton babies flip covers that we use for travel and outings. (think about it. There is no diaper bag in the world big enough to multiple in cloth to go out for the day, flip saves alot of room in the bag. Also like the gflapper inserts).

    OS are good in theory but I love my Size M fuzzibunz too. And they are in that size forever, I'd say I have probably at least 30+ diapers in the active use stash. I have plenty to go 2 days if wash gets backed up.

    But yes, BumGenius and Fuzzibunz are my favorite brands. I don't think you can really go wrong there. Good luck with the twins!

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  • Awesome! Thank you for all the information :) I only know one twin family and they didn't nurse or use cloth diapers which makes it hard to know what works best!

    I was looking at the websites and snaps seem like the best idea. I'm worried about the velcro getting caught on things and wearing out. How many diapers do you suggest starting with for the twins?

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